Rental orders setup

Updated 9/30/2020 12:24:53 PM

For rental orders to be work correctly other data is required. Rental charges are needed for charge lines to appear on the rental order. These are typically service items which represent the actual physical rental items, but inventory items may also be set up as rental charges. Rental charges are added to the rental order based on the relationship set up between the rental charges and the rental device hierarchy, meaning that a rental charges item can be used to charge for a specific rental device, a rental model, a rental class, a rental device group or even all rental devices. When the customer is invoiced for the rental, the rental charges appear on the invoice. The rental charges setup includes the calendar used to count billable days for the rental order, if the charge has a fixed billable quantity and whether the charge defaults to the order. Rental charges also sit within a rental charges group. Rental locations, workers and a number of other key rental related data are also set up in this section. Image types / Image lines are covered under Inspections.

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